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A New Original Song “Get Through the Day”

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Get Through the Day by spickeringlr

Just another song I wrote the other day. Acousticy of course, mellow, or should i say “smooth.” Worked in Garageband to add some loops for flavor. I think it came out alright, although, the vocals were through the computer built in mic, so I’m not going to be a happy camper until I get an interface for my studio mic, but even then I’m not sure. It seems in Garagband if I use the “Auto Normalize” feature the track volume is too low, if I don’t, I get the loudness I want, but the track is too rough. Anyone got any solutions that will help me? Thanks.

"Get Through the Day"
Get through the day
Make everything o.k.
Don't walk away
'Cause there's something I wanna say
We're gonna be alright
We'll make it though the night
I think its the right time
To just let go and fly
And angels are on the horizon
Looking for someone new to drive 'um
What can I say, when you walk away?
I'm trying hard should I just look down and pray?
Are you looking for someone to race?
If so I'll drift away
Hard in the night
Looking forward to the light
I want to say the right things
I want to feel your warm embrace
A chance again to feel the Sun
All our habits have been done
I want to look up to the sky
Make everything be alright






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