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Demo: A New Song Idea “When I’m Alone at Night”

When I’m Alone at Night by spickeringlr

Slow love song. I was shooting for “Sweet Sad” but it kinda ended up “Sad Sad” so it’s not quite working, but I just wrote it tonight, so I can do many more drafts.

Recorded on iPhone with the FIRE field recording app



“When I’m Alone at Night”

When I’m alone at night

I can’t just sleep and feel alright
I think of you
I think of you


When the Moon shines down her friendly face
I feel the warmth of your embrace
Your skin so smooth


And all that talk and all that empty promise
Of love so true but what did it do for us


A change of plans and moods like sands
In the wind


And would we ever feel like that again?


Now the Moonlight’s gone
It’s almost dawn
I feel the warm rays want to be born
On the horizon


Now its sad that something’s gone
But I feel its true that something new
Will be born
I hope you feel it too
I really do


This heart won’t break when love’s at steak
But your guess is good as mine what it’ll take
To be understood
To be understood



When I’m alone at night
I just can’t sleep and feel alright
I walk the line
To another time


I think my biggest dream
Is to wake up and see
Your smiling face looking at me
When will that be?
When will that be?




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