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A New Original Song “How to Say You”

How To Say You by spickeringlr

A little more “produced” than the last few, which have just been me and a guitar singing into a computer mic. It’s fun to screw around with garageband, and its also fun to mix it up sometimes, the way you do things, but this is still just a first draft. The vocals and guitar were only caught on one track which I want to split, and there’s things about the arrangement I want to change.

How to say “You”
How to say “Confused”
How to say you
How to stay confused
When you walk on by
When you wanna cry
Break down and die
Before another lie
That’s when you scream
That’s when you see
THe bird and bee
In harmony
That’s when you walk
That’s when you talk
That’s when you’re shocked
By a love that’s lost
But sayin’ it don’t matter
Just’s a waste of flap and chatter with me
When all the World’s in spatter
And the fields are hooked and laddered in greed
That’s when you say
I’m ok
I’m always just a phone call away
And the harder you don’t push back
The more you wished you’d stayed away
How to say you
How to say confused
How to say you
How to say you
And I wonder why
When I’m walking by
That the sky don’t cry
That the walls don’t hide
It would seem to me
That its so easy
Being who you wanna be
Seein’ who you wanna see
Thank God’s alive
Deep down inside
He’s our ride
To the other side






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