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I made a New Song Tonight called “My One Intention”

Demo My One Intention by spickeringlr

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“My One Intention”

I don’t want you to love me
I don’t want you to hold me
I only want things that can be true
This faceless crowd annoys me
It bugs and trys to destroy me
I wonders aimlessly in the dark
But since the inquisition
Here’s my one intention
To find out what the future
Wants to bring

Inside the heart of darkness
I found a willing accomplice
She said the jewels are in the sea
We swam out to the ocean
We bounced and loved the motion
We sang the songs that set us free
And when its time to leave her
I’ll sleep alone and grieve the
Magic in her eyes that free my soul
Driving down to Bill’s apartment
The place of our embarkment
An adventure that requires that we let






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