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New Song Idea, Working Title “I Feel You”

Man, it seems like every night, song ideas pop into my head that I feel the need to get out. It feels good to get them out, like if I didn’t they would fester and wreak havic down in my subconscious, cutting off my future creative energy. So really as much as a result, it’s about a process. That’s what Blake tried to get across. The creative process. “Don’t fall in love with your own creation.” And its really freeing not to. It allows you to have fun with whatever your working on.

First Draft Lyrics,

I Think I Feel You
I hear you’re looking so fine on the cinnamon line
I hear you’re peeling you’re heart away
I want you so much but I’m feeling so rough
From another wounded holiday
When you come over tonight, ‘wanna hold you tight
Don’t want you to feel you gotta walk away
Looking through town feeling down like a clown
But it was just another sad display
{And once I did it wrong
I knew the first verse of the song
And once I had it all
I gave it to a bum for whiskey and malt
I know that you do, and I know that it’s true
You’ve always had a funky retro soul
I found out about him through the grapevine of friends
And now I have no other place to go
I want to see you again, you’re such an endearing young gem
You give me hope not to dwell upon things
If it works out just right, I’ll be leaving tonight
And won’t worry what the future brings






One response to “New Song Idea, Working Title “I Feel You””

  1. tannu khurana Avatar
    tannu khurana

    Nice feelingsssss.songggggg

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