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Oh Honey

Oh honey, oh dear,
Whatcha’ been doin’
Since you been here?

You like sunny
Eyes blue as the sea
Tell me stories so funny
So I can laugh and sing

It’s cold and it’s snowin’
We gotta chance to be free
There’s a fire that’s still glowin’
On the inside of me

We’ll drink from the bottle
Vintage Pouilly Fouisse
We’ll swim through the oceans
And dance in the valley

Over the hills and into the trees
Riding so high, feeling so free
Don’t turn around I want you to see
Just what you mean to me.

Mountains covered with sunshine
Hills covered in snow
Wind singing like angels
Singing things we should know

I wanna take you forever
I wanna take you to sea
Round ’bout like the angels
Filled with harmony

It’ll be so funny
It’ll be so clear
When we’re walkin’ on Sunshine
When we’re walkin’ on air

Oh honey, oh dear
Whatcha’ been doin’
Since you been here?

You’re so funny
You’re so sweet
Lips like honey
Eyes like the sea.






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