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You Go, Blanche Lincoln!

3 Democrats Could Block Health Bill in Senate – NyTimes.com

United States Senator Blanche Lincoln
355 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C.  20515
Office:  202-224-4843; Fax:  202-228-1371.


I want to go on record as supporting Sen. Lincoln in being AGAINST the Health Care Bill. I believe real Health Care reform could be accomplished by simply removing the regulations that are in place that protects false monopolies in the industry. Blue Cross’s 70%+ market share in Arkansas, for instance, is not something they “earned.” They have that and their high prices simply because of regulations, perhaps at the state level, that crowds out honest competition. A real health care reform act would simply bring down the walls to honest competition and thereby lower prices for all. Another government bureaucracy, especially this one, would simply create another endless money pit that would perhaps bankrupt the Country (some analysts believe Medicare itself is capable of that) but for sure give no value back to the people, as taxes would rise and the money would flow to people who have not earned it, the various “hangers on” and other dishonest people close to the system, who, as is the case with all government programs, are simply there to scoop up the money without providing value.

Thank you for your time,

Stephen Pickering
Little Rock, Arkansas.


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