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What is Proper Dog Walking Etiquette?

So, I’m walking my dogs this afternoon around the neighborhood, listening to music on my iPhone, and they pull me up into someone’s yard. This house has a circular driveway, and I was pulled a few steps up into it.

Then I hear a voice coming over my music, “Can I help you?” At first I listened closely wondering if the voice was coming from my song, then I looked up and saw a women in the doorway continuing to say “Can I help you?”

So I take out my headphones. “What?,” I ask.

“Can I help you?” she continued to ask. Then I realized by her tone she was in a huff.

“No,” I said, taken a little aback, “I’m just walking my dogs.”

She continued to look at my crossly, staring me down as if looks could kill.

“C’mon,” I told my dogs, pulling them away towards the street.

“Hmmmph,” she grunted.

I walked away feeling a little angry. I was wishing at that moment I’d pulled a Larry David on her, but part of me was worried I’d get a typical Larry David result and out of her door would come her 6′ 8″ husband!

Still it got under my skin as I was walking home. I was thinking, “Where are the dogs supposed to go to the restroom, in the street? What, am I hurting your driveway? Are the dogs feet disturbing your lawn?”

I had a plastic bag to pick up any waste. So what is proper dog walking etiquette? Are you not supposed to ever let them walk into anyone’s lawn?

Thanks for your response and help!





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