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4 Keys To Adsense Success

  1. Traffic (Content)
  2. Relevancy of the Ads (SEO, Keywords, Good Copywriting?)
  3. Ad Placement (A fine art of being “clean but seen.” Too much in the way drives readers away. Not enough exposure, and they won’t get noticed. What’s the ideal answer here?)
  4. Design. Clean and professional. (Either you know good design and how to code it, or you must hire someone or learn it.)

And I can’t seem to get a damn one of them right. Well, that’s not true totally. I’m an artist and a good writer. I think I can produce good content. The other stuff is fun to a point, but then it begins to get on my nerves, and I start pulling my hair out.

I think I need to get something I can live with, then study each day a little of the other things to make them incrementally better, and then of course spend most of my time doing what I love, which is to produce content. I may need to consider hiring a designer. Well, I do need to consider it. It’s just a question of whether I’ll pull the trigger.

What do you think about all this stuff? How do you approach it?






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