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The Best Dessert Wine with Creme Brulee

Update 12/1/09Today I was watching the WineLibraryTV.com show that Gary Vee had with the “Great One” Wayne Gretzky, very entertaining as well. I noticed towards the end they brought up the subject of “ice” wines, specifically those of Canada and Germany, and mentioned that “ice” wines make an excellent dessert wine as well. If you follow the link to the show above you can click the last marker towards the end of the show to see the segment of them talking about ice wines in general and the specific ice wine they are tasting, a 2006 Shiraz Ice Wine from Estate 99, Gretzky’s own wine label. It’s a really cool bottle. Here’s a link to the Gretzky wines. The last two wines at the bottom of the page are ice wines, including the Shiraz.

So, I was thinking of submitting something to Digg and then I realized I didn’t have an account, or do I? Anyway, I thought, what should my username be, my own, something different? So then I thought, “Oh, I wonder what username Kevin Rose uses?”

So you know how one thing leads to another. I search for Kevin Rose on Digg. The second thing that pops up is a link to a video with Gary V and him doing a show on Winelibrary TV. Well, although I’ve never had an interest that much in wine, I couldn’t miss watching two such entertaining people. And the episode was just that, very entertaining. The first two wines tested, Kevin didn’t like very much, but the last,  2005 ChateauRabaud Promis Sauternes, a dessert wine, he raved about. So did Gary. It’s almost worth it to just watch that last segment. And you know what, it engaged me so much that I got interested in that wine. So I wanted to write a blog post about it so I could remember it. The next time I need a dessert wine, I’ll order that. It’ll make me feel very sophisticated and maybe impress my friends. That’s the value in Gary’s show. Even for the non wine enthusiast, the little tidbit of information can give you a little social esteem boost. That’s the “grabber.” In sales they have this thing called “FABG’s” Features>Advantages>Benefits>Grabbers. Here’s the video of Kevin and Gary describing this wine:

It’s 13:25 into the show, or you can just click that third black button to the right on the playhead line to bring you to that point (I now have the video set to play automatically at that point.)

I would suggest you buy it from Gary, but last I checked he was out of stock. Depending on when you read this, you may check with him again. He has a convenient link there under the show for it. If he’s still out here’s a list of vendors from Google Shopping. It’s a little pricey. $45. It’s also offered in a half bottle size for around $24. What are your thoughts? Have you ever had this wine before? Love to know your experience. I’m planning on buying a bottle. Might even make a great gift too.






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