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How to Get Your Congressman’s Attention

Send a stamped, typed, professional letter, preferably on business or similar letterhead and very importantly a RETURN ADDRESS that demonstrates you are from their district.

A real stamped letter. Physical. This will get their attention more than any other way and has the most impact, according to Chris Matthews on Hardball yesterday. I don’t agree with Matthews’ politics, except on his anti-war stance during the Iraq invasion. I’m a Libertarian, but anyway I do believe him on this point. He should know. He’s worked in Congress and covered it for years. I believe he was truthful when he made this statement. So, I’m going to write my Sens. Lincoln and Pryor and Representative Snyder tomorrow in just this manner.

Maybe one letter won’t mean anything, but I’m going to try, and I encourage you to also, no matter what your political beliefs are.






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