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Back at the Lake House


Each relationship different, bare
The lakehouse is empty, but our soul’s still there.
Under the water, near the island of trees
the shallows have grown years of mossy memories.

We swim the narrows into the mauve and purple light;
The boat dock’s restless, and the dog’s are howling for the night.
We don’t think about people anymore but fish.
Our slick rubber noses run us through the cool eddies motionless.

They really are on Cape Cod
Scotch plaid shorts, knit polo, feeling like gods.
Thinking of what people really like to do
A beautiful woman, bright red shoes
(Come see through me, sing the blues!)
I wish I could go back to my time
And lose my ever friggin’ mind.
The whisper handed slew
The bobble banded boo
The only thing I worry about this late
Is avoiding the sticky eyed gate
I can beat this with a smile
I can wait up for you for a while
We’ll tease the clouds to crack a blush
And escape the mind numbing feeling of the morning rush.
I dance like a cloud
I choose to be free and wild
I’ll perch in the sycamore tree
Jump and then be free
I choose not to be better
As in choosing to write a letter
There are boring people know more than me
Who’ve dug up a hole underneath their dreams
A new path is ground
Sssh, don’t be too loud!
Let’s dance the boogie dance
Get all cute and caught up in romance.
Big blocks of iron are thundering down
Except these don’t make a sound.
We’re the ones who have the need
To take the bastards out and punish them with greed.
Have you noticed it’s not the being
But the leaving?
Ballyhoos streak the sky
Desperately knowing just where we lye.
Let’s capture the blue eyed goat at his door
I don’t feel like being here anymore.
The cigarette ashes poke through the hornets’ nest late
They’ve determined to go it alone leaving it up to fate
Theses are the lovelies, the ties that bind
We’ll be allright another year, another century, with them by our side.
Spaghetti for breakfast; get ready for tea!
We drift through the eons in bliss with our lovely coterie.







One response to “Back at the Lake House”

  1. Naira Pires Avatar
    Naira Pires

    Reading your lately poems I notice that your writing way became more heartfelt, in my humble opinion I believe that you are getting more into your soul and listenig less your ego, perfect!!! for my taste your poems are more interesting and has much more meanings. What is the real purpose of a poem??? Is it for the writer just speak out his ideas and feelings or has something more involve ????
    Good job, your poems are really enthralling!!!

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