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The Proposal

Can I hold your hand in Spring?
It would be a most beautiful thing.
I can take you ’round Haskel’s for lunch
On Saturday so we don’t have to rush

If its dry I’ll hold your clutch.
Otherwise you’ll beat me to the punch.
I love living in your bowl,
And do you know on Saturday they offer free rolls!

Gratis, no kidding,
But before winter you must bring them some knitting
Do it up in style
So they can be proud and look at us smile.

I’ll be your bookkeeper too.
God knows you’ve earned your due.
I’ll wish you all the best
When the pumpkin headed monsters put you to the test.

Awake in my dream
Oh, it’s a marvelous thing
To think you’ll be my wife
And pour my coffee the rest of my life.

You are all pumpkiny when you blush
It’s a smile I’ve seen for miles when I’m free.
I wish you would hold me up in your tree
Feathered and silent, tasted of your touch.

You are Grandma’s dream
Coming alive at the seam.
A wish maker’s dance
Held still by a trance.

You are diamonds and hides
The King maker’s bride.
Can we saddle up and ride
Until we reach the other side?

I’ll take you in hand
And be ball rich grand.
Let’s stake us out some land
Just to show Daddy that we can.

We’ll build rich farms
That grow honeysuckle charms
And dream of monkeys and apes
Who eat our wine maker’s grapes.

They sing winter songs.
We work hard all week long.
They lay in the carafe,
Soaking in their warm bath.

Shower me with hope.
I know you think I’m poor.
Poor with words and can’t cope.
So if it doesn’t work we’ll open a store!

At Christmas I’ll cut you a ham.
We’ll stream icicles across his limb.
We’ll build forests for sleep
And burly ranches for our lazy sheep.

I’m a sheep rancher’s wife.
A coat maker’s bride.
God, it’s good to be alive
With only you by my side.

Honey, can you slide the ruler of life?
Can you be quiet for a while.
I want to sit and gaze at the beef
And dream of what its like to be a tree.

I want to take the chariot for a spin
And this time not for pretend.
I want to ride rope and spring
Like on a grasshopper’s dream.

I like grinding it out for while.
It doesn’t all have to be trophy’s and style.
We can be lazy for a day,
Or run outside and play.

The frisbee catcher has a dog
The Honeybee keeper acts like a stupid, wet frog.
A kiss from you will make him smile,
But don’t be gone for a while.

Let’s sing and watch the Sun.
After all, it’s how we begun.
We’ll like dancing in the trees
And after its over back down to the sea.

A clown maker’s wife.
A bee boppers life.
Oh, what marvelous pets we’ll be
Sold in a store, unlocked from our cage, for free.







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