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Customize Your WordPress Page Tab Links

How to customize where your page tab links to in wordpress? It’s easy. There’s a plug in called “Page Link To” you can download directly from your “add new plug-ins” panel inside of wordpress (just go to plugins in your dashboard and “Add New” and search for ‘Page Links To’) or visit their page here: http://txfx.net/code/wordpress/page-links-to/ and download it there. Does this trick in seconds. This is incredibly useful because one could link to a flickr account for example instead of creating your own photo gallery, or if you link to a category it helps bring those posts back to life instead of kind of being buried there in the sidebar. It also helps re-invigorate interest in your own blog by bringing that older material back to the forefront, so that you can curate, iterate some more and by restoring a sense of continuum and wholeness to the themes and ideas of your blog, which will energize your creativity as you move forward.


Special thanks goes out to the editorial staff at WPBeginner.com for finding this solution for me. I wanted to create a page called “Poems,” and then I thought, “Why can’t it just link the page tab to the category search result for poems, and provide an instant list of all the posts that I had categorized as such, instead of me having to reprint the poems or creating a new list and links manually?” They responded to my inquery very quickly and found this solution for me. This is a staff that cares, is interested in their business. It’s one of the best sites for learning and finding answers about WordPress. They are very engaging. One of their staff even posted a comment on this post, giving me a tip before I had finished iterating it myself.






7 responses to “Customize Your WordPress Page Tab Links”

  1. gheo Avatar

    great one,and well doen.keep up

  2. Stephen Pickering Avatar
    Stephen Pickering

    Yes, I’ve done that now. Thank you. I was just fiddling around with the Zemanta image I was inserting. I’m having trouble with them. When I align them for the text to wrap around the text hugs too close. I gave up and just inserted an image from flickr. Thanks again so much for your help finding this plug-in.

  3. WPBeginner Avatar

    Its always nice to add a live link rather than just pasting the link. It helps the user

    http://txfx.net/code/wordpress/page-links-to/ <<

    You might want to make it a live link in your article 🙂

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