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Tag: writing

  • How to Write Fiction

    A story starts with an image. Any image will do as long as it gets you jazzed. I was thinking I had nothing to write about, and then just now I realized I’ve had this image swirling around my head for several months. I think the reason I repressed it is that didn’t respect it. […]

  • Fiction Writer’s Resources

    I’m spending most of my time and focus on writing a novel right now. So, hence this. “Words to Use instead of Said” http://www.spwickstrom.com/said/ This was the top result when I googled: what are some words you can use to describe dialogue besides said I created an “Alter-Ego” Twitter (@ottersransom) for solely for my artistic […]

  • Advice for Aspiring Writers

    I came across this today via Twitter, and I thought it was so good, that I needed to keep it on my blog, so that I would always have a copy. Here’s the advice: First — keep reading. Writers are readers. Writers are also people who can’t not write. Second, follow Heinlein’s rules for getting […]

  • Poem | “9 Miracles”

    We can all be good. The rough beast crawling towards Bethlehem says, “You should.” But we can let it go, face in the wind, rain, and snow, as the falcon of our soul soars off Kilimanjaro. The distant bells are Black Sea shells, and her lips sail closer as we fall deeper into a dreamless […]