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Check Out this Amazing HD Video Tour of CES 2010 with Robert Scoble

This was done by Michael Sean Wright, of NiceFishFilms and Marc Ostrick, as they follow Scoble through CES in his quest to find the perfect equipment to build his own HD streaming studio. Like they say in the film this is really like a quest, a quest of merging “old media power with the heart of a technologist.” Through the journey we get to see some of the coolest cameras and displays at CES 2010 and get a feel for the conference as a whole. It’s really exciting. Robert Scoble is the No.1 influencer or “trust agent,” as Chris Brogan has termed it, and has the No.1 credibility, on the internet for technology, web services and social media. Louis Gray and Leo Laporte are a very close second. I would highly recommend following him, at least on Twitter if nothing else, even if you aren’t in the field of technology as I am not (I’m a writer and musician) as he will keep you informed on the coolest and most relevant trends. I have found so many valuable services (Soundcloud, Mylikes, to name just two) that are relevant and add value to my daily life just by following Scoble. He makes the best tech related videos on the internet. If Scoble interviews them, you know they are legit. Don’t worry about if you catch every one of his tweets. (He tweets a lot.) Just dip in and out of the stream and your guaranteed to find some serendipity.

This video is originally here at, a beautiful looking blog, maybe one of the most beautiful I’ve seen, and worth following two, if you are interested in this paradigm of convergence and the overthrow of old media by new media, in other words as Time referred to as “You.”

Music Video

Cotton Eye Joe Cover


Cover of a Cover. Cover of Josh Rouse covering “Cotton Eye Joe.” Damn, I keep forgetting to turn the iPhone sideways for video. Will remember next time. Vocals not very clear because P.A. is way in the background and the iPhone mic is picking up mostly the guitar. Oh well just a test. Not bad.

Damn, I also just realized I left out a whole verse!!! The one that goes, “I’ve been laughing in the sunshine. I’ve been lying in the rain. You know that living is easy, and I ain’t feelin’ no pain.”

Oh well, do over. And next time I’ll have the camera sideways, and maybe try to play picking with my fingers, Brazilian style, like Josh plays it.



Looking Pretty After the Groomer’s

Picked up the dogs the other day from the groomer’s. This lady is a real dog lover. She has like 10 dogs in her house, all kinds and sizes. It’s a trip, but I like that, taking them to someone who really cares about animals. She does the best job with them too of all the places I’ve ever taken them. Not surprising.

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