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  • How to Delete All Songs from iPhone Quickly

    “Connect your iPhone to iTunes, go to the Music tab and uncheck Sync Music and press Apply to resync.” – from “Randers4 on the Apple Support Forums. (This worked for me and took only a couple minutes, even with 2000 songs, to complete). Man, iTunes is just crazy, and drives me crazy.  But anyway, the […]

  • Why Netflix Inc (NFLX) Won’t Raise Prices and What Their Real Endgame Is.

    I don’t think Netflix is interested in raising their subscription price or tiered pricing. I think they look at the subscription like Magazines and Newspapers in the pre-digital days looked at subscriptions: a validation of intent and also to show the content creators the legitimacy of their audience. I think Netflix’s endgame is to become […]

  • Why Netflix Will Become THE Global Distribution Channel for Filmed Art & Entertainment.

    (Editor’s note: I wrote this piece originally in response to this article from TheStreet.com:  Amazon vs. Netflix: Jeff Bezos Could Squash Reed Hastings Like a Bug) A) I’ve been an HBO subscriber since the 80’s, watched almost everything on it, and “House of Cards” is totally as good as anything that has ever been on […]

  • All the Google Accounts on Twitter

    Twitter’s newest ad platform: ________________________________________________________________ Courtesy of the Official Google Blog twitter.com/Google – our central account twitter.com/GooglePubPolicy – our take on politics, policy & government* twitter.com/Blogger – for Blogger fans twitter.com/Google Books – Passages, quotes, images and product news* twitter.com/GoogleCalendar – user tips & updates twitter.com/GoogleContacts – user tips for Google Contacts* twitter.com/GoogleImages – news, […]