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Here Comes the Summertime

Summertime7 by spickeringlr

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Josh Rouse – “Summertime” Lyrics

Here comes the summertime, the feeling’s in the air.
I remember cigarettes, tube socks, sun burns and long blond hair.
Here comes the summertime, yeah it’s coming soon.
I remember living upstairs, drinking iced-tea and swimming pools.

And the feeling doesn’t last that long.
Before you know it, it’s up and gone, oh yeah.
The things we do…

In the summertime, yeah it’s coming soon.
I remember watermelon, finger banging, purple rain and being cool.
Here comes the summertime, the feeling’s in the air.
I remember drive-ins, soap operas, fireworks and county fairs.

And the feeling doesn’t last that long.
Before you know it, it’s up and gone, oh yeah.
The things we do…

In the summertime.(x4)

(end with scatting)


Yet another cover of Josh Rouse’s 2006 album “Subtitulo.” I guess I could call myself “1972” and become a Josh Rouse tribute band! Hahahahahah. No really, it is one of my favorite albums, and he’s one of my favorite artists, but really I was just in the mood for making covers lately, mostly just to practice Garageband. Oh just got a new Presonus Firestudio Mobile so I can record directly into Garageband. So I’m so happy, and it’s much more fun producing now. The only thing I’m dissappointed in is that I just realized that Garageband doesn’t support sample rates over 44.1k, and I was hoping to work with 96k. I guess I’ll have to move up to Logic, although at least it does support 24-bit depth rate, so that’s better than my 16 bit Boss BR-1600. The FireStudio also came with recording software that’s suppossed to be good and does support the full 96k, so I guess I’ll make my next song on it, but I do love the ease and fun of Garageband so much.

The only thing is that I still can’t get the recording levels right. It’s like when I’m laying down the track, it doesn’t sound loud enough, so I crank it to what sounds good, but then when it comes down to the final thing, there’s always some clipping during various parts, which makes the “Normalize” feature of Garageband render the tune way to low, or if you un check that, the tune is just blurry and overall unlistenable. Drives me crazy!!!!

I found one solution in the program called Wire Tap Studio, a Mac program that tries to accurately record exactly what is playing through the Mac Audio Engine, which makes it sound a little better. At least listenable. What’s weird is that within the program when you are playing all the tracks, everything sounds pretty good, especially through the high quality headphones, but when you go to export it, I guess it comes through the compression, everything comes out the other end sounding crappy.

Wire Tap helps because it tries to accurately record what’s coming out of the Garageband sound engine,  but you can still here a lot of clipping and distortion in at different points in the track. I’m going to have to really focus on my analog tracks, recording them maybe even a lot lower than what initially seems right. I don’t know. What’s so weird is that the professional loops, even the the wave ones, will barely have any level, but they will sound crystal clear, and plenty loud enough.

I want to be able to record those kinds of tracks!

Quiet Town

Quiet Town by spickeringlr

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This is a cover I just made of a Josh Rouse song called “Quiet Town” which is the first cut off his 2005 album “Subtitulo.”

For some reason I’m in cover mode, or mostly just practice mode with recording and working in Garageband. I really have to get an interface for the computer. I can’t stand working with this BOSS BR-1600 anymore. The screen is tiny. But I do like going into the closet to record with the condensor mic. Feels like I’m going into the “studio.” Feels like I’m doing some work. It’s relaxing.