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Tag: Songs

  • I made a New Song Tonight called “My One Intention”

    Demo My One Intention by spickeringlr Posted via web from stephenpickering’s posterous iPhone Link “My One Intention” I don’t want you to love me I don’t want you to hold me I only want things that can be true This faceless crowd annoys me It bugs and trys to destroy me I wonders aimlessly in […]

  • Another Night, Another Song Idea, “After the Love is Gone”

    After The Love is Gone by spickeringlr They won’t leave me alone!!! I couldn’t even finish Saturday Night Live tonight with Charles Barkley for fear of forgetting it. And then I have this new thing, whenever I start a few lyrics I’m obsessed to finish the whole song. It’s a good habit, but annoying. Here’s […]

  • New Song Idea, Working Title “I Feel You”

    Man, it seems like every night, song ideas pop into my head that I feel the need to get out. It feels good to get them out, like if I didn’t they would fester and wreak havic down in my subconscious, cutting off my future creative energy. So really as much as a result, it’s […]