A New Original Song “How to Say You”

How To Say You by spickeringlr

A little more “produced” than the last few, which have just been me and a guitar singing into a computer mic. It’s fun to screw around with garageband, and its also fun to mix it up sometimes, the way you do things, but this is still just a first draft. The vocals and guitar were only caught on one track which I want to split, and there’s things about the arrangement I want to change.

How to say “You”
How to say “Confused”
How to say you
How to stay confused
When you walk on by
When you wanna cry
Break down and die
Before another lie
That’s when you scream
That’s when you see
THe bird and bee
In harmony
That’s when you walk
That’s when you talk
That’s when you’re shocked
By a love that’s lost
But sayin’ it don’t matter
Just’s a waste of flap and chatter with me
When all the World’s in spatter
And the fields are hooked and laddered in greed
That’s when you say
I’m ok
I’m always just a phone call away
And the harder you don’t push back
The more you wished you’d stayed away
How to say you
How to say confused
How to say you
How to say you
And I wonder why
When I’m walking by
That the sky don’t cry
That the walls don’t hide
It would seem to me
That its so easy
Being who you wanna be
Seein’ who you wanna see
Thank God’s alive
Deep down inside
He’s our ride
To the other side

I made a New Song Tonight called “My One Intention”

Demo My One Intention by spickeringlr

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“My One Intention”

I don’t want you to love me
I don’t want you to hold me
I only want things that can be true
This faceless crowd annoys me
It bugs and trys to destroy me
I wonders aimlessly in the dark
But since the inquisition
Here’s my one intention
To find out what the future
Wants to bring

Inside the heart of darkness
I found a willing accomplice
She said the jewels are in the sea
We swam out to the ocean
We bounced and loved the motion
We sang the songs that set us free
And when its time to leave her
I’ll sleep alone and grieve the
Magic in her eyes that free my soul
Driving down to Bill’s apartment
The place of our embarkment
An adventure that requires that we let

Another Night, Another Song Idea, “After the Love is Gone”

After The Love is Gone by spickeringlr

They won’t leave me alone!!! I couldn’t even finish Saturday Night Live tonight with Charles Barkley for fear of forgetting it. And then I have this new thing, whenever I start a few lyrics I’m obsessed to finish the whole song. It’s a good habit, but annoying.

Here’s the first draft of lyrics:

After the love is gone
After the love is gone away
I need some place to hide
A secret guide to another place
With all that’s said and done
I still remember the fun we had
Tears and laughter too
All was possible with you
You taught me about myself
That there is something else to find
You helped me believe in me
Encouragement to realize my dream
And though it feels so empty without you
You gave me the strength to know what to do
All the love you gave to me
Allowed me to set my heart free
After the love is gone
After the love is gone away
There’s a sweet sadness
But priceless gift I’ve found a way
Won’t forget your eyes
They carried the bluest skies of faith
Yeah sometimes I’m blue
But I carry you in my heart always
So after the loving’s gone
I always will be strong though its through
The fire’s still burning bright
All through the winter’s night ’cause of you.

New Song Idea, Working Title “I Feel You”

Man, it seems like every night, song ideas pop into my head that I feel the need to get out. It feels good to get them out, like if I didn’t they would fester and wreak havic down in my subconscious, cutting off my future creative energy. So really as much as a result, it’s about a process. That’s what Blake tried to get across. The creative process. “Don’t fall in love with your own creation.” And its really freeing not to. It allows you to have fun with whatever your working on.

First Draft Lyrics,

I Think I Feel You
I hear you’re looking so fine on the cinnamon line
I hear you’re peeling you’re heart away
I want you so much but I’m feeling so rough
From another wounded holiday
When you come over tonight, ‘wanna hold you tight
Don’t want you to feel you gotta walk away
Looking through town feeling down like a clown
But it was just another sad display
{And once I did it wrong
I knew the first verse of the song
And once I had it all
I gave it to a bum for whiskey and malt
I know that you do, and I know that it’s true
You’ve always had a funky retro soul
I found out about him through the grapevine of friends
And now I have no other place to go
I want to see you again, you’re such an endearing young gem
You give me hope not to dwell upon things
If it works out just right, I’ll be leaving tonight
And won’t worry what the future brings