Moving On

This is a cover I did tonight of a Josh Rouse song called “Moving On.” Really it was a test of my iPhone 4 video and playing around with iMovie. Also I made a separate recording track on the iPad, a little closer to me with the FiRe recording app. I was testing syncing a separate audio track with video. Actually I want to record audio into Logic with a good mic and higher resolution but didn’t feel like moving my big iMac to the other room just for the test, but actually I think it came out pretty good.

[Video] A Drive Through the Snow and Musical Accompaniment.

This is just a video I made driving through the snow in Little Rock on 1-10-11 the day after our “Mini” Snow Storm. I played my new song “New York & Light” and the cover I did of “Silent Night” on the CD player as accompaniment. I haven’t made enough HD videos with my iPhone4 so I wanted to start. Then I started playing with iMovie and there’s some fun things you can do in there. So it’s mostly just play and experimentation, but you might find the scenery pretty. Hope you enjoy the song too!

New Song: “New York & Light”


New York and Light (iPhone/iPad Link) You can download the song if you right click on the link and choose “Save” or “Save As,” and it will download the MP3 file.

So I took the little poem I wrote a couple post’s back “New York & Light” and made it into a song. I had this tune I was working on at the same time, so I applied the words to it. I added a couple more paragraphs for a second verse.


New York and Light
East Egg above
They dance all night
The Jitterbug.

Their dreams play notes
Her favorite song
Love lines he wrote
She danced along


With eyes like that
That guy could sing
She floats him back
Across the sea.

The city’s moon
It strums their tune.

Verse 2

Long Island Sound
This is the place
It’s where she’s found
Stars light her face.

There’s something there.
Behind her eyes.
Inside her stare
A thousand and one nights.

New Song: “The Cinnamon Line”

Kind of a “Cosmic” Country number. I got that word from Daniel Tashian. I’m nowhere near as good as him, but I hope you enjoy! You can download it free to your computer with that little download arrow on the player. If you enjoy please re-share, “like” this page, or “re-tweet” or all three! To help me get a little exposure. Thank you!

The Cinnamon Line by spickeringlr
If you can’t see the player above, click that link that says “The Cinnamon Line,” and you can play it on your iPhone or iPad.