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Tag: Reselling Rackspace Cloudsites

  • How Much RAM do Rackspace Cloud Sites Have?

    As I’ll no longer be able to run RackspaceReseller.com, (that was a dumb name anyway! I had just merely thought of it on a whim a couple years ago) because it uses the Rackspace trademarked name, I’ll be consolidating all my blogging on the subject here, which, you know, for my personality, may be a […]

  • I’m Reselling Rackspace Cloud Sites

    Mini Plan – $4.99/mo 1 GB Disk Space 10 GB Data Transfer Per Month 10 POP accounts 200 Compute Cycles Per Month* Up to 2 Domains per Account. Additional Bandwidth: As much as you need for 50¢ per GB Additional Storage: As much as you need for $1.00 per GB Additional Compute Cycles: As many as […]