A Poem: “Where the Ring Comes Together”

Image via Wikipedia I miss driving up that street The last in the land With winds singing up Harney Peak. A blue diamond cross And a sailor’s sunburnt hand Are all that’s left Spreading across the dry land. The night is thirsty for the juice Of speech. Woodmills chill the cherry bark; The pond of the… Continue reading A Poem: “Where the Ring Comes Together”

A New Poem: “Street Car, Sweet Heart, Sweat Hard”

I love your Spanish talk. The soft ground around you Hovers as you walk. Chinese flowers grow out of me like dreams lifted under a bed of yellow Lantana and grapewood rosevine. Midnight and a sleep walking Sun dip its claws into the milky Moon. She blows a serenade and makes a note in her… Continue reading A New Poem: “Street Car, Sweet Heart, Sweat Hard”

Sonnet #1

(*I figured if Shakespeare can write a hundred than I can too.) Sonnet #1 I loved the girl who lived next door to me. Her eyes were blue and clear and sang with joy. She was the sun, the grass, the trees, and stream. Her hair was blond and bobbed just like a boy. Then… Continue reading Sonnet #1