New Poem: “New York and Light.”

New York and light. East Egg above. They dance all night The Jitterbug. Their dreams play notes Her favorite song. The things they wrote She danced along. With eyes like that That guy could sing. She flys him back Across the sea. The city’s moon: It strums their tune. Related Posts: 4 New Iambic Poems

A New Poem | “May’s River” (Part Deux)

You tore on past the river’s flow. Now I know, now I know. You walked from the house’s door into the snow An instinct to let go, to let it go. The menagerieĀ fortress tower looms larger by the hour. Talking to the morning’s vestigial crops into the elevators’ chop, chop, chops. And disturbing them like… Continue reading A New Poem | “May’s River” (Part Deux)

A Poem | Scarlet Fever

I want to become the flower Drinking a hawthorn berry shower. I feel that the painting is alive That I could jump inside and live a life. The love you want resides inside a flame Burning Jerusalem to the coast of Spain. From the secret Indian province to the street children’s colorful ribbon dance. A… Continue reading A Poem | Scarlet Fever