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Tag: Poems

  • Sonnet #8 in Iambic Tetrameter – A White Hart

    What do we find ourselves inside? The Roman army’s moving north. A sacrifice the snake won’t die. The oblations smoke is rising fourth. Wish you could fall in love with me. The sacrament’s the gateless gate. I could turn you back from a stream Fulfilling or escaping fate. The Garden’s walls are Persian blue Aladdin’s […]

  • Sonnet #7 in Iambic Tetrameter – “Blue Mountain”

    I think I’ve figured out a way To flower dreams and rain down stars, To step on through the cameras frame Back to a life that’s always ours. I think I’m bathing here in rain. On this blue mountains’ lifesong slope. Eternal, never ending train, You feather birds and lift our hope. I write today […]

  • Sonnet #6 in Iambic Tetrameter

    I don’t know why I turned away. I come to Athens to be born. The angel of goodbye will play Through even Aristotle’s horn. I will appear up from the sea. I am again borne by the tides. Will she agree to marry me? I like her wild, surprised green eyes. In soaking water I’ll […]

  • Sonnet #5 in Iambic Tetrameter

    I think we can go back in time. Two eyes look out from this old house. Adventure starts when love’s divine and lights the flame that cries out loud. It’s time to slip on through this gap. It’s time to see what life’s about. We’re tired inside Guernica’s trap. Let’s leave tonight, and let’s get […]

  • Sonnet #10 – “Awake in the Snow”

    I’ll follow you now through the Russian snow. For I’m afraid of nothing now you’re here. You’ve whisked away my driving need to know And blown a kiss that flies me past my fear. I want to see the moonlight fall on you. It feels like something’s rising from the woods. I live outside in […]

  • Sonnet #1 in Iambic Trimeter

    God knows we need to sleep. We’re rivers and birds, and trees. God knows we need to dream. Remember, we’re the breeze. I walk with you alone An empty street at night. Where magic things are born. Where dark creates the light. This thing I hold the most The dearest dream I have. I’ve learned […]