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Tag: Poem

  • Sonnet #11

    We have eternal ‘monicas that sing. An icy cloud is growing over the South. Out of the woods the Sun creates a ring Though which the river dances in its mouth. We’ve rowed this dream one hundred times before. We’re made of the same blood that’s in the stars. What does it take to sail […]

  • Sonnet #1 in Iambic Trimeter

    God knows we need to sleep. We’re rivers and birds, and trees. God knows we need to dream. Remember, we’re the breeze. I walk with you alone An empty street at night. Where magic things are born. Where dark creates the light. This thing I hold the most The dearest dream I have. I’ve learned […]

  • Sonnet #2 in Iambic Tetrameter: “Moon Day”

    Sonnet #2 – “Moon Day” I let the moonbeams be my guide. I look into the night for you. I must go down to see your eyes But somehow keep on passing through. The earth I roll around my lips. There seems to be some kind of fire. It’s coming from your dancing hips. Sweet […]

  • A New Sonnet in Iambic Tetrameter

    I’m here with you up in the Sun. We’ve come together, shadow soul. Today the mountain’s song’s begun. Those guarding clouds have let us go. We’re born from rays that blossom light, when he appeared and took her hand.. The jewel of our mind shines bright. The space ahead is diamond land. Where once we […]

  • New Poem: A Natural

    “A Natural” I won’t say the things that I have to say, the feelings furrow all alone in the autumn mist, until you finally get up and walk away, and the chills that have eyes blow us their last, snowy, purpley kiss. I cascade over the heights of your frozen, mountaintop world. I skate upon […]

  • New American Poem: Stay Composed

    “Stay Composed” There’s something so deep in my heart in each cell of me, swimming along this river of the night so dark, speaking to another century. I am the hand that swims through your sea for some missing piece of gold. I am the rose that blooms from your seed In a deep, hidden […]