A New Poem in Iambic Trimeter: Visiting Isis’ Sister

I know it wasn’t fair to those who dance below: Between our creaky stair Descends our nightly ghost. I’ve come to see my girl Her sister plays alone. Here in her deathly world Her grievance sings her song. What does she want from me? A willingness to die? Like Jesus on the tree, A needle… Continue reading A New Poem in Iambic Trimeter: Visiting Isis’ Sister

2 New Iambic Poems

This first one is in iambic tetrameter with the structure of an English Sonnet: I lost you to Arabian nights: The god Apollo’s basketball. You had that day Queen Isis eyes.. Unfolding reddened fall leaves song. It does mean something here in snow. The M&#257rga flames the Firebird’s beak. Somehow it made me let you… Continue reading 2 New Iambic Poems

The Element U

Something’s going on that wants to be known, a presence. It wants you to make your connection. What do you think is really underneath the veil? Something very deep. Deeper than history, deeper than tomorrow, deeper than now. That’s the secret, secret, secret voice that never comes out during the day. I’m with you: I… Continue reading The Element U