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Tag: Mythology

  • The Metaphorical Meaning of Sacrifice and Bliss in Mythology

    The soul is the arrow. Brahman is the target. AUM is the bow.  — Ancient Hindu I.e., meditation, sacrifice is the “bow” or the mechanism to get the soul to God. Aaaah, ooooh, mmmmm is Being. Being, Consciousness, Bliss or in ancient Hindu: Sat, Chit, Ananda. In some iterations it’s Being, Sacrifice, Bliss. Consciousness and […]

  • Midnight in Paris: The Music of the Night

    Metaphorical Themes It’s a common theme, maybe the most important theme, of Fairy Tales and Mythological stories: when the Hero or Heroin answers the “Call” to adventure,” magical helpers show up seemingly out of nowhere. What is that a metaphor for? Similarly in this story, when Gil answers his own inner call to walk the […]