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  • Mylikes Update: A Retweet is All It Takes

    Remember when I wrote about Mylikes, the social media ad platform, that allowed you to leverage your Social Media efforts? Well, I still love it, for all the reasons I mentioned in the post, but I noticed lately I haven’t been as active on it. There are more than a few reasons for this, but […]

  • MyLikes.com: The Holy Grail of Social Media Monetization

    MyLikes.com: The Holy Grail of Social Media Monetization – www.mylikes.com Yes it is advertising, which is a chance to leverage your social media presences into real money, but it encourages authenticity, because if you are not authentic you know that the value of your influence, your legitimacy, will go down, thus your earning potential, not […]

  • Redbeacon: Whatever You Need. Done.

    Redbeacon – www.redbeacon.com This company won 1st Place in last years TechCrunch 50 for best start up company. That alone builds trust for me. I haven’t actually used it yet, but the next time I need a service, which will be soon, I will. I recommend you try it for your next local service need […]