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Tag: My Poetry

  • A New Poem in Iambic Trimeter: Visiting Isis’ Sister

    I know it wasn’t fair to those who dance below: Between our creaky stair Descends our nightly ghost. I’ve come to see my girl Her sister plays alone. Here in her deathly world Her grievance sings her song. What does she want from me? A willingness to die? Like Jesus on the tree, A needle […]

  • A New Poem: Go Through The Hills

    Go Through the Hills by Stephen Pickering You are my tree. because you have set me free. An orchard garden grows on land that once only snowed. I’m under a spell Only Ishtar can undo Down, down her Roman well I’m falling too. I am the bird. My life is the worm. I see her […]

  • Sonnet #4 in Iambic Tetrameter – “Memory’s Daughter”

    I am awake now to each wall. That is the wall, this need to speak. There’s Buddha’s tall and Buddha’s small And secret castles across this creek. I want to walk on ancient clouds And fall with Isis from the sky. Plop, splashing down the Nile, These hands that swim know how to fly. From […]

  • Sonnet #3 in Iambic Tetrameter: A Sacred Dance

    Sonnet #3 in iambic tetrameter – “A Sacred Dance”   I bring you roses to your door. I make this offering in Spring. I now know who this dove is for, That rises through the Sun’s gold ring. There’s something deeper going on. I feel the pieces come apart. The mountain eagle soars at dawn. […]

  • Sonnet #2 in Iambic Tetrameter: “Moon Day”

    Sonnet #2 – “Moon Day” I let the moonbeams be my guide. I look into the night for you. I must go down to see your eyes But somehow keep on passing through. The earth I roll around my lips. There seems to be some kind of fire. It’s coming from your dancing hips. Sweet […]

  • New Poem: A Natural

    “A Natural” I won’t say the things that I have to say, the feelings furrow all alone in the autumn mist, until you finally get up and walk away, and the chills that have eyes blow us their last, snowy, purpley kiss. I cascade over the heights of your frozen, mountaintop world. I skate upon […]