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Tag: Music

  • Song: “My One Intention” Rock Organ Remix – Album Version

    My One Intention v.3.0 Album Version by spickeringlr iPhone Link

  • A New Original Song “My One Intention” v.1.3

    MyOneIntention1.3 by spickeringlr iPhone Link Man, I’m getting tired of this song too. I’m mostly obsessing over it, not because I love the song so much, but because I’m trying different things with Garageband and trying to see in my mind if I can make a professional sounding recording out of it. This is important […]

  • “My One Intention” (Remix)

    Stephen Pickering “My One Intention”(Remix) iPhone Link I’ve been messing with this song for a few days in Garageband. I put a beat in there and some loops. I cut 6 vocal tracks thinking I’d take the best of each one and mix it down and then at the last minute, or maybe I was […]

  • A Song I Dug Up From the Archives, “I Know”

    Stephen Pickering “I Know” iPhone Link As I was laying on the couch watching the Jet’s Colt’s game, I decided to dig through this old laptop to see what kind of “Easter Eggs” I would fine. Well to my surprise I found this song I recorded 5 years ago that I had thought I’d lost […]

  • A New Original Song “Get Through the Day”

    Sponsored by: Twitter’s newest ad platform: A word of mouth advertising platform that leverages your social media presences and the knowledge you put into them.   Get Through the Day by spickeringlr Just another song I wrote the other day. Acousticy of course, mellow, or should i say “smooth.” Worked in Garageband to add some […]

  • Cotton Eye Joe Cover

      Cover of a Cover. Cover of Josh Rouse covering “Cotton Eye Joe.” Damn, I keep forgetting to turn the iPhone sideways for video. Will remember next time. Vocals not very clear because P.A. is way in the background and the iPhone mic is picking up mostly the guitar. Oh well just a test. Not […]