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  • Thoughts on Music, Social Media, and a New Song, “The Night Was You”

    Man, I hate producing, even with the beautiful, large screen Apple Garageband interface. I hate editing. I want to do everything in one take. And plus, even if I were a good producer, it’s frustrating separating your brain from creating to objectively producing. Producing is an art in itself. You almost need someone else, even […]

  • An Original Song: “Through the Night”

    Through the Night by spickeringlr iPhone/iPad Link This track is almost 2 years old, and its been almost that long since I’ve listened to it. But since I was on Myspace today for the first time in a long time checking out the band Beach House, whom I’d never heard of, but found out about […]

  • New Songs: “65” & “Summertime”

    65 by spickeringlr Summertime7 by spickeringlr (You can download these songs by clicking the ‘down’ arrow on the right side of the players above.) These are actually “Cover” songs of Josh Rouse material. The forum community over at JoshRouse.com is a very tight knit passionate group. One of the star members named Will produces a […]

  • New Song: “Oh, Honey”

    Oh Honey by spickeringlr (note: You can download this song with that little “down” arrow over on the right side of the player above.) iPhone/iPad – Direct File Link This is definitely version 1.0. I want to make a lot of things better, but I’ve been working on this song so long, I needed a […]

  • Here Comes the Summertime

    Summertime7 by spickeringlr iPhone/iPad Link Josh Rouse – “Summertime” Lyrics Here comes the summertime, the feeling’s in the air. I remember cigarettes, tube socks, sun burns and long blond hair. Here comes the summertime, yeah it’s coming soon. I remember living upstairs, drinking iced-tea and swimming pools. And the feeling doesn’t last that long. Before […]

  • A New Song | “Silver & Gold”

    Silver & Gold by spickeringlr Listen on iPhone One day we were old The next day we’re young These dreams we’ve been told Are made of silver and gold. Life is a highway Whose car we don’t own Whose car that we drove Through the blue and the gold. Baby I’ll fly tonight Maybe I’ll […]