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3 Song Mini Concert on My Patio

Did this today out on my back patio featuring three songs: “Your Love Chases After Me,” by Mindy Smith, “Another Bad Night’s Sleep” by The Silver Seas, and “Kuzbass” by Josh Rouse. I used the new iPad video Camera and I used the FiRe field recording app on my iPhone for vocals and on my iPad 1 for the guitar. Then I brought those wave files into Logic for some mixing and used iMovie on the iMac to edit and add titles as well as the Logic mixed audio track. I think it sounds and looks good!


A New Original Song “Silent Serenade”


Direct Link: iPhone/iPad Download

“Silent Serenade”

Lyrics and Music Stephen Pickering – Creative Commons 2011

All is calm
I can’t go on
Leaving love behind
In the still summer night

There’s a pain over there
That the rain won’t spare
And a piece of the sky
That my heart wants to climb


It’s been a while
It’s been a long one
Since we’ve been apart

I could’ve sworn the pieces had fallen
Leaving motionless the stars

But I know there’ll come a day
for our silent serenade.

Here comes May
The Sun after the rain
We swim through flowers all day
And found a bower to lay

You’ve got your call
Feels as cold as rain in the fall
Where’s the peace of the night
Where our love used to hide?

There’s a thief who stole
All the diamonds and gold
Where the soul used to hide
When I had you by my side

Chorus 2:

It’s been a while
It’s been a long one
Since you’ve been a apart
They could’ve made up the same lines
A little closer to the heart
I would’ve shown what I made
In this silent serenade.

Creative Commons 2011 – Stephen Pickering

Audio Music Video

Music Video – My Love Has Gone

Audio Music

World – Music Video Cover of a Paz Suay Song

This is a cover of a song by Paz Suay, Josh Rouse’s wife, called “World”. I was actually recording into that little mic you can see on top of that candle, a Zoom H2. Then I took that recording into Logic and put some rudimentary drums, bongos, piano, and vibraphone onto the mix. Then I had to sync the video up with the audio in iMovie (No easy task!) But the Zoom gets a pretty nice “room” sound, and overall I think it gives the video a little life and “punch.” Hope you enjoy!

Audio Music Video

Moving On

This is a cover I did tonight of a Josh Rouse song called “Moving On.” Really it was a test of my iPhone 4 video and playing around with iMovie. Also I made a separate recording track on the iPad, a little closer to me with the FiRe recording app. I was testing syncing a separate audio track with video. Actually I want to record audio into Logic with a good mic and higher resolution but didn’t feel like moving my big iMac to the other room just for the test, but actually I think it came out pretty good.

Audio Music

Song: Mesie Julian

Bola de Nieve - "Snowball" the Cuban "Louis Armstrong" wrote this little cabaret song, "Mesie Julian."

Download/iPhone/iPhone link

This is an old Cuban song by the artist Bola de Nieve, but what I’m covering here is the Josh Rouse version which is off his latest album “El Turista.” The Bola de Nieve version is on piano and it’s wild! I can play piano a little, but I can’t imagine anyone could play it like him. He doesn’t even look at the piano when he sings. It’s like he, the rhythm, the piano, and the performance are one. Amazing left hand. No one can match it. It’s like the rhythm has a life of its own.

This is the first song I’ve sung in another language. Spanish. Although I think he mixed in a little French with it. I still have to work on the pronunciation, but at least I’ve gotten to the point where I can get through it, and its FUN.

Figuring out the chords has been hard. The verse is straight forward: B7-F#-E. But then it gets jazzy crazy. I don’t think I’m doing it exactly right. I’ve tried to look at some Josh Rouse videos of him playing it, but his fingering looks weird from a regular tuning point of view. He may be using an alternate tuning. I asked on his message board if anyone knew, but so far no one has responded. The chorus is sort of a weird B chord that flattens a note in one bar and then goes to E major 7 to G and back to B or B7. The second time around it ends with a C#m7 and Fmaj7 before landing on the root B chord. When I get time I’ll try to draw out the fingering I’m using. I’ll make a video too.

If anyone out there knows how to play for reelz please leave a comment and let me know!

I’ll keep working on this song and when I feel I can play it  a lot better I’ll make a new recording. I have a list of about 30 songs so far that grows every day, that I’m learning to play, so that eventually I can do a live show.