A New Song: “In Their Glow”

In Their Glow by spickeringlr (Click the Down Arrow on the Player to Download Song)

“In Their Glow” Lyrics

We’ll stake the embodiment.
A deadly priestess dresses the aisle during Lent.
Depressing as it may seem,
the little lecterns take their places in the scene.

Washing Mary cold and foot,
the diesel engines blast down to the blessed root.
Actual fire stretches the islands leg,
and individual pieces can only stray out and beg.

It wasn’t their fault in the beginning.
They thought this ritual had an ending.
A pitied the boy dressed up in a mask
He answered questions that no one had the courage to ask.

Watch the candles out there. Watch the candles fall.
Dressed up like an Angel. Dressed up like a doll.
All winter she waited for the snow dove’s feathery song.
It flew through the flickery flame the darkest, most silent of them all.

©2009 Stephen Pickering. Creative Commons

What do you think of this song? Good, so-so, bad? Don’t be afraid to critical. I have a thousand things I want to change with all my songs. So your criticism (as well as compliments 🙂 are welcome and helpful. Love to here your comments.

Link to “In Their Glow” poem by Stephen Pickering (i.e., the lyrics)

Album Art Credit: Renata Spiazzi “Autumn Glow” 48×36′ Digital Art Glycee
Expressions of Mexico Gallery


Free mp3 Download: My Song “Through The Night”

Through the Night by spickeringlr

Link to File. (Hover over the link and Right Click on Windows or Ctrl+Click on Mac to download to your computer, or you can just click the down arrow on the player above.)

I think the production quality on this one is good enough to enjoy on your mp3 player, so I felt like encouraging people to download it if they like it. I hope you do! There’s a few things I want to work on with the track in the future, add some strings, lengthen the intro (I cut it very short because this song was originally submitted to an in flight radio service that required it) and patch the vocals in a couple spots. When I do that I’ll let you know so you can download the latest version. This is better than a beta, so I’ll call it version 1.o.

Love to hear your feedback, positive or critical. Leave a comment! 🙂


Brand New Josh Rouse Song Never Heard Before “Cotton-Eye Joe”

Twitter’s newest ad platform:

Here’s a brand new Josh Rouse song, coming on his new album (don’t know the title) called “Cotton-Eye Joe”

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Josh Rouse – Cotton-Eye Joe” dl=”0″]
Link to Download: Right Click and select ‘Save As’

UPDATE: 6-23-09 This MP3 is fine quality now. All I had to do is open the whole podcast into Audacity and then edit out everything but this song. DUH!!!!!!!

I apologize for the poor sound quality. I recorded it on Audacity from his latest podcast, and it only gave me the choice to record from “internal microphone” instead of straight from the soundcard, so there’s a lot of hiss and tinny sound from a computer mic. I thought Audacity gave you the option of recording from the soundcard? And for that matter why doesn’t Garage Band?

OK, this is a “boot-leg” so if Josh or any of his management don’t like it, they can just notify me and I’ll take it down, but I thought it was so great! I’m definitely buying the album, as I have all of his, and I hope everyone else does too! Much luck, Josh!