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Tag: leonard mlodinow

  • The Mythic Dimension

    If I were going to help Deepak in his argument with Leonard (Leonard Mlodinow) I might say: “Deepak, ask him whether he believes in the 4th dimension. After he says, ‘Yes,’ ask him to point to it.” He can’t. He can’t even imagine it. Our brains are incapable of even imagining it. They’re hard wired […]

  • The War of the Worldviews: A Zen Review

    OK, so I haven’t read the book. Or have I? Quantum theory would say that there is at least one Universe in which I have. But we’ll stick with the consciousness that I am experiencing now. I haven’t read the book. I’ve seen Deepak tweet about it for a while now. I follow Leonard Mlodinow, […]