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Tag: KonMarie

  • The Essence of the Marie Kondo KonMarie Decluttering Philosopy

    “When you pick up an item, feel it and think, ‘Does this make my heart skip a beat?’” – KonMarie, [Youtube Video Link] “In the KonMari Method even the contents of a drawer that is hidden away should spark joy in you.” – [12:08 Mark in NHK Video] “It is very important to choose what […]

  • The Key That Makes the KonMarie Method Work Better than Others

    The Indians addressed life as a ‘thou.’ I mean trees, stones, and everything else. You can address anything as a “thou,” and you can feel the change in your psychology as you do it. – Joseph Campbell The Power of Myth, Ep. 3, The First Story Tellers, 25m 32s Holding an old pair of Eddie […]

  • What Marie Kondo Means by Spark Joy

    “You can also define things that spark joy as things that make you happy.” – Marie Kondo, “Spark Joy,” pg. 82 “It is very important to choose what you want to keep rather than what you want to throw away in tidying. In other words, you choose from what’s in your house things that you […]