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Tag: josh rouse

  • Music Video – My Love Has Gone

  • Moving On

    This is a cover I did tonight of a Josh Rouse song called “Moving On.” Really it was a test of my iPhone 4 video and playing around with iMovie. Also I made a separate recording track on the iPad, a little closer to me with the FiRe recording app. I was testing syncing a […]

  • Song: Mesie Julian

    [audio:http://www.stephenpickering.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/mesiejulian3.mp3] Download/iPhone/iPhone link This is an old Cuban song by the artist Bola de Nieve, but what I’m covering here is the Josh Rouse version which is off his latest album “El Turista.” The Bola de Nieve version is on piano and it’s wild! I can play piano a little, but I can’t imagine anyone […]

  • New Songs: “65” & “Summertime”

    65 by spickeringlr Summertime7 by spickeringlr (You can download these songs by clicking the ‘down’ arrow on the right side of the players above.) These are actually “Cover” songs of Josh Rouse material. The forum community over at JoshRouse.com is a very tight knit passionate group. One of the star members named Will produces a […]

  • Here Comes the Summertime

    Summertime7 by spickeringlr iPhone/iPad Link Josh Rouse – “Summertime” Lyrics Here comes the summertime, the feeling’s in the air. I remember cigarettes, tube socks, sun burns and long blond hair. Here comes the summertime, yeah it’s coming soon. I remember living upstairs, drinking iced-tea and swimming pools. And the feeling doesn’t last that long. Before […]

  • Quiet Town

    Quiet Town by spickeringlr iPhone Link This is a cover I just made of a Josh Rouse song called “Quiet Town” which is the first cut off his 2005 album “Subtitulo.” For some reason I’m in cover mode, or mostly just practice mode with recording and working in Garageband. I really have to get an […]