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  • Chords and Lyrics for The Happiness Waltz by Josh Rouse

    “The Happiness Waltz” by Josh Rouse title track from the album “The Happiness Waltz” Eb Spring, spring, Winter’s sting Abmaj7 Is gone. /                       Eb Tomorrow I’ll be new. Eb Salt wind /                          Abmaj7 […]

  • Chords and Lyrics for Julie (Come Out of the Rain) by Josh Rouse

    You capo the 4th fret to play these chords. Here’s a diagram of the chord voicings in this photo to the right. I included, at the bottom of the page, a video of him playing it live where I was able to catch the chords. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get them right by ear, […]

  • Michigan

    I recently made two different covers of the Josh Rouse song, “Michigan.” The first I made on the iPad with Garageband. I played the Spanish guitar and sang into the the little pinhole microphone. Then I added some “smart” instruments, bass, drums. So this one is done basically in “click” time, but I still think […]

  • Suburban Sweetheart

    Cover of the Josh Rouse tune “Suburban Sweetheart” I did on logic.   “Suburban Sweeheart” Lyrics by Josh Rouse Got a gift, hesitate Never make the same mistakes If you could only see the person If you could only reach the man yeah We could move back to the suburbs Rent a house, change our […]

  • Song Produced Entirely on iPad: “Kuzbass”

    Hey, I really love working with Garageband on the iPad. I think it’s a revolution. It’s so intuitive, unintimidating, and most importantly fun! Of course, it still has a way to go to be a “professional” production device, but I feel that is coming in years to come, and as you can hear this production […]

  • My First New iPad 1080p Video

    Well, except I cut my head off, but I guess you can see the guitar clearly! If you have enough bandwidth you can select the HD option for viewing, although Youtube apparently just supports 720p? I thought it went up to 1080p. Did I really shot this in 1080 or is that something you have […]