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The Best Wine to Have with Turkey


“This would be an outstanding Turkey wine”John C. Dvorak

Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2009, according to John Dvorak, a noted wine expert. He also notes that 2009 is known to be the best year for Beaujolais since the 1940’s. So, if you are considering a wine for Thanksgiving, you might check it out.

The snippet of video below is taken from This Week in Tech (TWiT) Episode #222 from Sunday, November 22, 2009, where he, Leo Laporte, and Becky Worley talk about the virtues of this wine and this year for wine.

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Arkansas Wine Is Absolutely Outstanding!

Well, of course, I will emphasize that he said, “Some of it” not “All of It,” but I’ll take that!

I was listening to TWIT, and John C. Dvorak, who is a wine Conasieur, said this about Arkansas Wine. Well, being from Arkansas, I was taken aback. Right here in my own “back yard” is a source or outstanding wine. And I can buy it at the Grocery Store! Amazing the little tidbits you pick up from podcasts which you don’t expect.

I Twittered John to see specifically which brand of Arkansas Wine was the best and he Twittered back to me The Post Familie brand, which I am familiar with and will have to check out now.