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  • The Best Way to Use Twitter

    Update 9/27/11 Here it is in a nutshell. You don’t need to read the rest of this post: Don’t worry about getting followers. Just fill your inbound (who you follow) with cool people your interested in who, and this is key, whose information will somehow make your life better. Help you learn cool new stuff.  […]

  • How to Sync Any Phone to Itunes

    Update 1/18/10 – There’s also another option. It’s called DoubleTwist. It was recommended by Leo Laporte on one of his podcasts and he’s the most trusted man on the internet. I think he was using it to sync his new Nexus One phone up with his iTunes Library. Cross-platform Salling Media Sync updated, syncs Palm […]

  • Lose Weight By Eating What You Love

    a guest post by Debbie Brodsky. Write Debbie! [email protected] Start by picking the size you want to be – who says you have to be a size 0 or even 2 or a 4. What is wrong with size 6 or 8 for women? Keep in mind that you will not be dieting! There are […]

  • How to Put a Cool, Interactive, Real-Time FriendFeed Widget on Your Website

    I got this idea when I first saw Scoble’s website and his subsequent Building43 site where in each case the FriendFeed widget is much cooler than the one they give you at FriendFeed (even the Java one) in the sense that it behaves just like the site does, inline videos play within the widget, comments […]