You Go, Blanche Lincoln!

3 Democrats Could Block Health Bill in Senate – United States Senator Blanche Lincoln 355 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C.  20515 Office:  202-224-4843; Fax:  202-228-1371. Hi, I want to go on record as supporting Sen. Lincoln in being AGAINST the Health Care Bill. I believe real Health Care reform could be accomplished by… Continue reading You Go, Blanche Lincoln!

The Solution to Health Care

In 1989 after the Berlin Wall came down, Boris Yeltsin, then Russia’s President, immediately handed over his countries largest industries to a handful of oligarchs. We all know what happened after that. One part of the Russian economy blossomed and was a raging bull market in the late 90s. Anybody who owned a Russian or… Continue reading The Solution to Health Care