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  • Google+: A Threat to Tumblr?

    In response to John Battelle’s blogpost: Google+: If, And, Then….Implications for Twitter and Tumblr, I wrote the following: (Note such posts harken back to one of my blog posts about blogging itself: That is, if you find something you are interested in, and read blogs about the topic, often times your replies become long enough to […]

  • Google+: Everyone Seems to be Missing the Big Picture

    My introduction to Google+ was by way of watching  yesterday’s episode of TWiG, which featured Bradley Horowitz and Vic Gundotra, the two leaders of the Google+ project. But what caught me,  got me really excited about Google+, happened in the minutes before the show actually started.  Leo jumped on a feature of Google+ called “Hangout,” […]

  • Opinion: Facebook’s Growth Helps Google

    So I’m listening to the Gillmor Gang yesterday and the topic of the moment is Google vs. Microsoft in the so called “Bing Sting” operation that allegedly caught Bing stealing or copying Google’s search results. SNOOZE. Scobleizer chimed in saying in effect this was a ploy to make Microsoft the enemy, a battle which he […]

  • The Web Ain’t Dead. Blekko.com Has Come to Save It.

    blekko: how to slash the web from blekko on Vimeo. This is  a VERY cool, and very paradigm shifting new site: Blekko.com. I caught this on John Battelle’s Searchblog tonight, got a beta invite, played with if for a few minutes, caught on quick and already found tons of new cool things that I wouldn’t […]

  • Google Font Directory – Free Custom Fonts for You’re Webpage/Blog

    Many interesting things were announced today at Google’s annual I/O keynote and meeting. Google “Wave” is now open to the public with no invite necessary. That should attract more users and get some “network” effect going, making it a more useful service. Another little one, kind of under the radar, is the availability of some […]

  • All the Google Accounts on Twitter

    Twitter’s newest ad platform: ________________________________________________________________ Courtesy of the Official Google Blog twitter.com/Google – our central account twitter.com/GooglePubPolicy – our take on politics, policy & government* twitter.com/Blogger – for Blogger fans twitter.com/Google Books – Passages, quotes, images and product news* twitter.com/GoogleCalendar – user tips & updates twitter.com/GoogleContacts – user tips for Google Contacts* twitter.com/GoogleImages – news, […]