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  • How to Sync Any Phone to Itunes

    Update 1/18/10 – There’s also another option. It’s called DoubleTwist. It was recommended by Leo Laporte on one of his podcasts and he’s the most trusted man on the internet. I think he was using it to sync his new Nexus One phone up with his iTunes Library. Cross-platform Salling Media Sync updated, syncs Palm […]

  • A New Song: “In Their Glow”

    In Their Glow by spickeringlr (Click the Down Arrow on the Player to Download Song) “In Their Glow” Lyrics We’ll stake the embodiment. A deadly priestess dresses the aisle during Lent. Depressing as it may seem, the little lecterns take their places in the scene. Washing Mary cold and foot, the diesel engines blast down […]