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  • What is Social Media?

    Well it can be a lot of different things. Which is one reason it is so exciting and presumably so valuable. From the point of view of a business or an individual who has their own personal website or blog, one thing that Social Media is, is advertising. In the 90’s I owned and ran […]

  • Fall Red Leaves

    I used Auto Stitch on the iPhone. Hate how blurry it turned out. The individual photos aren’t. I think its because I began in the center. I should have started from one side or the other, I think for it to turn out better. Any thoughts on how to use Autostitch better?

  • Did Flickr Just Kill Itself?

    Sponsored by Twitter’s newest ad platform:   Am I missing something? When I originally signed up for Flickr it was unlimited photos with only a limitation on the amount I could upload per month. Today I get a message saying I’ve just uploaded 200 photos and that I’ll have to pay for a pro account […]