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Tag: creativity

  • How Long Will It Take Me From Song Idea to Release?

    Last night the idea came to me as a melody A-F#-D-A-C-B. I didn’t know what the notes were until I played it on the guitar and this is where the Snarkman was another blessing, since it identifies the notes as you are playing them. Then I was able to surmise that it was over a […]

  • Inspiring Quotes for the Creative

    “Don’t be afraid to be obsessed.” Annie Leibovitz – from a Masterclass.com commercial just now (19:32hrs CST July 11th, 2019). “You become a writer by writing. There is no other way.” Margaret Atwood — from the very same Masterclass commercial as mentioned above. “I look for a tone. I look for that spark. Oooooooo! That’s […]

  • One Easy Way to Stimulate Your Creativity

    So, I was listening to the podcast “TWiT” yesterday, as I have been doing pretty much every Sunday for the past several years. Then I happened to listen to the Podcast that comes right after it called “East Meets West” with Tom Merritt and Roger Chang which I usually don’t listen to, but did because […]