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How to Find the Best Device in Every Tech Category

In the market for a new Android phone and want to know which is the best? Or how about a new Wifi Router. This site, is the perfect solution. It shows you the best product in every technology category. Great resource.

Why not just post this link in Twitter and or Facebook? Well I did, but one thing those services are is ephemeral, after some time goes by I can’t seem to find my posts or things I want to remember, which is another reason blogging, and especially having your own site is still very valuable. I think even quasi blogging services like Tumblr and Google+ still have this problem of ephemerality.

And dang it, blogging is just plain fun sometimes!

I’ll add this too my list of “Cool Sites and Apps.”

Cool Sites & Apps

Google Font Directory – Free Custom Fonts for You’re Webpage/Blog

Many interesting things were announced today at Google’s annual I/O keynote and meeting. Google “Wave” is now open to the public with no invite necessary. That should attract more users and get some “network” effect going, making it a more useful service. Another little one, kind of under the radar, is the availability of some custom fonts, free and open source, that you can easily grab the code for with a few snippets and apply to your webpage/blog. This is useful for design purposes and to have a little fun being creative with your page. I grabbed one already and applied it my header “Stephen Pickering” up there. What’s nice is, besides the fact that they are royalty free and open sourced, that since Google is hosting them on their own servers, the fonts will render properly on any “Modern” browser. I just checked on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, and my header rendered correctly. Not sure about IE, since I don’t have it. Before, if you applied custom fonts to your page, more than likely other browsers wouldn’t render it, as they only support a few of the main fonts that are commonly used. But the Google servers make sure the code is there for most of the browsers to render it. Didn’t work on my iPad, however. I still don’t understand or like the fact that the iPad uses a “mobile” browser. Very lame on Apple’s part. Flash notwithstanding, the screen real estate is large enough on a tablet, that one should expect a more robust browsing experience.