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  • Perfectionism is the Enemy of Progress

    OK, I can’t take credit for that line. Should I take it down? I actually learned it last week while watching Jason Calacanis‘ first episode of his new show This Week in Startups, or #TWIST as I think he refers to it when you are Twittering. As an example of this idea, he told the […]

  • Set List

    Working up ideas for a set list if I start doing coffee house gigs with just the acoustic and a harmonica. Every time I think of a song, I’ve been texting them in to Twitter. Here’s the list I’ve built so far: Quiet Town – Josh Rouse Stop Breaking Down – The Rolling Stones Simplesmente […]

  • Did Flickr Just Kill Itself?

    Sponsored by Twitter’s newest ad platform:   Am I missing something? When I originally signed up for Flickr it was unlimited photos with only a limitation on the amount I could upload per month. Today I get a message saying I’ve just uploaded 200 photos and that I’ll have to pay for a pro account […]

  • What May Stop Twitter? Itself.

    The trouble with Twitter is not the model, its the underlying technology. The site has constantly had problems functioning smoothly since inception, even before it became mainstream, so growth is not an excuse. They’re going to have to get new management to fix it. If it can’t be fixed there’s no way this company can […]

  • Advice to Myspace: Open Up Immediately

    #1 When I take a photo with my phone and beam it to Flickr it needs to push it to my Myspace Library, my Facebook library and every other of my social media places (It already pushes it to my blog and tweets it via FriendFeed.) And this needs to work in reverse also. If […]

  • No Possum, No Sop, No Taters

    The trouble with authentic artists is that they’re in a silo both psychologically and culturally, so its not feeding the culture, and we have a Wasteland situation. Science, Art, Philosophy, Psychology, Media, Business, Politics, Technology, Religion are all walled off into separate silos. There’s no integration because they are controlled by protocols and systems, institutions. […]

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