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  • One of My Senators Just Co-Sponsored the Bill to Audit the Fed!

    I was so excited. This is the email I wrote to her: “Dear Senator Lincoln,Thank you for sponsoring S.604. Perhaps the largest problem in our and the World’s economy is an unstable unit of account, the wild swings in the value of our money. The sole charter of the Fed is to stabilize our unit of […]

  • How to Find Saved Passwords in Safari 4

    If you can’t remember a password for a website (or anything else for that matter), all your passwords are saved in the Keychain Access utility (which probably isn’t news to you), but the cool thing is you can do a Spotlight search from right within Keychain to quickly find the password you’re looking for. Start […]

  • A New Poem: “Street Car, Sweet Heart, Sweat Hard”

    I love your Spanish talk. The soft ground around you Hovers as you walk. Chinese flowers grow out of me like dreams lifted under a bed of yellow Lantana and grapewood rosevine. Midnight and a sleep walking Sun dip its claws into the milky Moon. She blows a serenade and makes a note in her […]

  • A New Poem: Sonnet #2 “Sunfather”

    Sunfather Red Wave Petunias shower over clay, All things can open up and show their light. A life becomes transparent in warm May. Transparent to transcendence born from night. Their eyes the leaves foam into greening smiles to Father Sun and Mother Sea of dream. They feel the music, sibling Wind breathes miles through body, […]

  • How to Successfully Quit Smoking

    Quitting smoking is a simple process if you are educated and practically impossible if you are not. The key insight is that nicotine is a physically addictive drug. It hijacks the dopamine reward system in the limbic area of the brain. The only way to successfully quit is to abstain from all nicotine intake for […]

  • Most Useful Firefox Extensions

    FireFox 3.5 just came out yesterday Feedly – The Ultimate Home Page. Feedly weaves your favorite content into a fun, magazine-like start page. Power Twitter – Makes Twitter Better Xmarks – Synchronizes your Bookmarks and Passwords across all platforms NoScript – Provides the most powerful security available in a browser Courtesy of Net @ Night […]

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