Where to Eat Around Monmouth Park in New Jersey

When I was a little girl, dad would always take Lace and I for a slice at Nunzio’s after the races. Today I went back for the first time in a long while and it was as good as I remember, only thing missing was his company. #BYOB #Sliceapie pic.twitter.com/QkAG5HjJr3— Gabby Gaudet (@Gabby_Gaudet_) June 21, 2019

Useful Fun Internet Sites

  • https://www.justwatch.com/us If you wanna see if a certain movie or show is streaming anywhere
  • https://www.remove.bg/ – Remove Background Image – Automatically Free!
  • http://generative.fm — Different ambient music styles computer generated in real time—infinite looped. Great for meditation, relaxation, or non-distractive background music while writing, coding, etc.
  • https://drivesaversdatarecovery.com/ – Looks like this is the place to go if something happens to your computing device and everyone else says recovering the lost data is hopeless.

Fiction Writer’s Resources

I’m spending most of my time and focus on writing a novel right now. So, hence this.

“Words to Use instead of Said”

This was the top result when I googled: what are some words you can use to describe dialogue besides said

I created an “Alter-Ego” Twitter (@ottersransom) for solely for my artistic endeavors. My main personal account (@Pickering) which I’ve had since 2007 just seems to messed up and cluttered.
I got this next resource from googling: what’s a good hashtag on twitter for fiction writers and novelists

44 Essential Twitter Hashtags Every Author Should Know

Uses of the Word Wry and Wryly

“To her friends in law or medical school she would declare wryly: I’m downwardly mobile.” – Best American Short Stories 2016, “Gifted” by Sharon Solwitz, p. 241

“She applied and was admitted to art school and earned not only her degree in design but the love of her department head, twelve years older than she was, but trim and sweet-natured with a warm, wry delivery.” – ibid, pg. 241