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  • The Web Ain’t Dead. Blekko.com Has Come to Save It.

    blekko: how to slash the web from blekko on Vimeo. This is  a VERY cool, and very paradigm shifting new site: Blekko.com. I caught this on John Battelle’s Searchblog tonight, got a beta invite, played with if for a few minutes, caught on quick and already found tons of new cool things that I wouldn’t […]

  • An Easy Step To Increase Your Blog’s Exposure

    *Update 10/28/09 – You know something cool that I just noticed: The post you make on FriendFeed itself gets indexed on Google. Type into Google: Increasing Blog Exposure. My Friendfeed Post is No.1! At least as of now. That’s not a bad keyword to rank No.1 on. Now its not a direct link to this […]

  • AlternativeTo: Alternatives to Windows, Mac, Linux and online software

    http://alternativeto.net Posted via email from stephenpickering’s posterous

  • The Best Commenting Engine for Your Blog

    *Update 10/30/09 I’m changing my mind here. With Disqus‘s latest update I believe it is just as good or maybe even better. For one thing Disqus is more widespread which makes it by default more social. Also, Disqus has a webpage where all your comments are aggregated so that you can easily access them and […]

  • Tweet Your Iphone Videos Directly

    Cool Iphone 3GS App to Upload and Tweet Your Videos straight from the phone. TweetReel. Check out Bwana’s Video Review of TweetReel: Related articles by Zemanta Now You Can Easily Upload Photos and Videos to Facebook by Email (insidefacebook.com) You can now email photos and video into Facebook (thenextweb.com) TwitVid video upload app released for […]

  • How to Put a Cool, Interactive, Real-Time FriendFeed Widget on Your Website

    I got this idea when I first saw Scoble’s website and his subsequent Building43 site where in each case the FriendFeed widget is much cooler than the one they give you at FriendFeed (even the Java one) in the sense that it behaves just like the site does, inline videos play within the widget, comments […]